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FEMA LOMR and CLOMR Applications

Stackhouse Bensinger Inc. is regularly involved in preparing the supporting engineering studies, drawings and
applications required by the Department of Homeland Security-Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in
order to revise the published Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and remove the client’s properties or buildings
from the regulated 100-yr floodplain or floodway. SBI utilizes the US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS (River
Analysis System) computer model to compute floodplain and floodway boundaries along watercourses. Floodplain
computations are also required by some municipalities when preparing subdivision or land development plans.

The map revision process can involve several different types of FEMA approvals:

•   Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) – to revise the floodplain/floodway mapping typically based on more detailed survey information along the floodplain corridor and/or recomputing the flood discharges used in the effective Flood Insurance Study (FIS) computer model.

•   Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) – a letter from FEMA commenting on whether a proposed project, if built as proposed, would meet minimum NFIP standards with respect to increases in the extent of the floodplain/floodway or the floodplain or floodway base flood elevations.

•   Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-F) – a letter from FEMA removing an existing structure or property that has been elevated by existing fill from the regulated floodplain.

•   Conditional Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill (CLOMR-F) – a letter from FEMA stating that a parcel of land or proposed structure that will be elevated by fill would not be inundated by the base flood if fill is placed on the parcel as proposed or the structure is built as proposed.

•   Letters of Map Amendment – a letter from FEMA removing an existing (LOMA) or proposed (CLOMA) structure or property on natural grade from the regulated floodplain.

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